PD Courses - Renfrow

Courses Below are Taught by Clarena M. Renfrow, M.Ed.

If you are interested in taking courses without college credit, they are offered online.  They are asynchronous and you will be awarded a certificate with the number of hours on it upon completion.  

Each online certificate course is $220 and can be purchased below.

These are some of the courses that I can offer:



 Augmented Reality and QR Codes

Augmented Reality and QR Codes is a 
course that will give the participant 
experience in creating and using AR and
QR codes for yourself or teaching and
learning.  Your students will find the use of 
these tools highly engaging. 

 Blogging for Teaching and Learning 

Blogging is very popular for many
reasons and now you will learn how it
can be used effectively with students for
all content areas.   

 Digital Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient art form that can be
done digitally!  There are many different ways
 to do this and this course will explore some of
the tools that you can use to get your story and
your students' stories out there!  

 Google Tools

This course is for those who want to become 
more familiar with the many Google Tools 
available i.e. productivity tools (spreadsheets, 
documents, presentations), drawing and forms
(surveys).  These tools are essential for anyone
including teachers and students.

 iPads and Universal Design for Learning  

Do you have an iPad or iPads in your
classroom and need to learn to use
them better to design learning opportunities
that work for every student?  Then this course
is for you!  This course will give you 
experience with accessibility features as well
as different apps for teaching students with all 
kinds of learning differences and preferences.

 iPads for Teaching Content

It's "Appy Hour!"  In this course we explore
apps for teaching content with iPads and  
apps.  This experience is for educators of all
content areas and grade levels who wish to
develop lessons that use apps to differentiate learning.  

 Online Teaching Technologies

What's going on during this pandemic is a prime
example of how teachers and students need to 
be ready to teach and learn on line.  This course 
examines different tools and techniques to
facilitate online teaching.  


Podcasting is not a lost art and with many
online classrooms today, it can be a real
lifesaver.  Teachers can use podcasting as a way
of delivering lectures and students can use it as
an alternative means of assessment.  This
course will teach you how easy it can be!

Register Here:  https://forms.gle/u1yziMq6EdgtikBa6 

If you desire a credit bearing course, I can work with you through our local university with different credit options of 1 or 3 credit courses.  Email me for information at:  iteachtechnologynow@gmail.com