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Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence in 2020

by Clarena M. Renfrow  For the last several years I have been thinking a lot about artificial intelligence.  How will it impact our world?  How will impact it me and my family?  My students?  The future?  So many questions that are as of yet unanswered.  Nobody really knows.  Not really. I started investigating where we are with it.  How is it being used and what the hopes are for its' development?  I learned a great deal, but more questions were raised.  What laws are guiding AI development?  With all the different companies developing AI around the world, how will AI be regulated?  How far should AI go in controlling our lives?  What are the ethics of its' development?  Are we dancing with the devil and don't even know it?   Let me say that I am not someone who is against AI.  I believe that it can do a great deal to help humanity from security in our homes, to helping us find cures for disease.  It can assist in educating our children, exploring space, and pe

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