For The Love of Gadgets

Best Home Security Motion Light - In my opinion!

I have been using this home security camera and light device for a couple of years now and it works very well. The camera is clear and you can easily see right on your phone who is at your home and for $3.99 a month, it stores the video taken when there is movement in front of it. If you have a break in, the camera will record the details. It also integrates a neighborhood feature where you can see if there has been any crime in your area. The motion light is great for when I get home at night.  I highly recommend this device and it is has made my list of favorite gadgets!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality headsets are really popular for many reasons.  As an educator, I love the Oculus Go and Quest but for different reasons.  I love the Go for its' versatility for education.  You can find good apps that teach just about any content you are focusing on.  I just love my Go for the educational value as well as the plain fun experiences that are available.  I love the Quest too because of its' gaming features.  At this time, it doesn't have the educational content that the Go has, but it is better for physical education with several apps that will help you stay fit.  Beat Saber - oh yeah - a definite favorite for me.  

The unfortunate thing right now if that they are hard to get because of a shortage apparently caused by the pandemic.  I hope these will be back on the market and readily available soon!  I will post more links to where they can be purchased when available.