Technology Integration Books

      Paperback and Kindle Editions are listed on the page.  

Technology Integration Tools

These are useful tools for your classroom.  Many of them are for working with Apple TV, iPads and other educational technology tools for your classroom.  These are products and/or brands that I have either used myself or know someone who has and liked them.  I will add items as I find ones I find useful and worthwhile. The links below to AppleTV, Apple Airport and iRig will take you directly to the product site. Some of them can be purchased from Amazon and some can't.  I like using Amazon because they do price comparisons and you can choose where you wish to purchase them from and choose shipping costs. 

The AppleTV makes any iPad wirelessly project onto a screen in your classroom.  The Airport allows you to create your own wireless network in your classroom.  Make sure to check with your IT Dept. first to make sure that this will work on your school's network.  Sometimes it really assists with connectivity in a funky network.

AppleTV   Apple Airport   iRig iPad/iPhone Microphone