Monday, August 20, 2012

Notability - An App To Take Note Of

Notability is an app that is highly versatile and will work for all kinds of learners. A colleague of mine recently talked to me about how she uses it with her students with special needs. I was impressed.

Imagine an app where you can open up any PDF and write, draw, impose pictures and shapes, highlight text, type and record audio right in it and you have notability. As a teacher, you can send your students via email a PDF article, drawing, mind map , worksheet, quiz, etc. Students open the attachment from their iPad into Notability and can now work with it and when they're done, email it back to their teacher for review or correction. Students who because of motor issues can't key or draw, can record their answers, thoughts, notes etc. right in the app for easy playback. You can also start notes from scratch.

This app is a must have for your iPad or iPhone because it is so easy to use, flexible and practical. Check it out in the app store. Here is a YouTube well as a review of the app in MacWorld Article

Try it out and leave a comment letting us know how you like it and use it with students.