Friday, September 23, 2011

Popplet - Simple, Versatile Way to Present Information

Yesterday a colleague, Dave Herren, told me about Popplet.  I explored the web 2.0 tool and was very impressed by its' simplicity and versatility.  It can be used as a mind mapping tool, poster board, and presentation medium.  It allows users to share their creations and is therefore also collaborative. You can make your popplets public or just choose who you wish to have access.  You can change the colors of the bubbles and text, add Flickr pictures, YouTube videos, pictures from your computer or Facebook page, Google Maps with a specific address, and pictures of products from Amazon. 
You can add your own comments to each Popple too.  Looking over the features, I also saw where you can export your Popplets to PDF or Image formats in order to print it out and even link different Popplets together.

Teachers we have another amazingly simple, versatile,  efficient and colorful way for our students (or for ourselves) to present information.  Below is a link of an example of a Popplet definitely worth looking at and getting some ideas for the classroom. Napoleon:  History

Here is the link to the main Popplet information page where you can sign up, watch a video on how it works and get other information such as how you can get the iPad App too!  This web 2.0 tool is in Beta now and I definitely recommend checking it out and introducing it to your students. 

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