Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Flipping for Flipboard!!

Flipboard is a free app for the iPad and it is my favorite app of late!  Flipboard allows you to take all kinds of online information from Twitter, Facebook, News, RSS feeds, Flickr, and various other sources of information and lets you read it in a magazine like format.  All the pictures and links are spread before you like an informational smorgasbord!  You can check your news-feed on Facebook, or search Twitter for real-time information.   

Teachers and students can use Flipboard as a way of creating their own personal learning networks by subscribing to the sources of information that fire their imagination.  In the classroom, it can be used as a research tool for news, and articles as well as real-time information.  Just imagine searching for information about a current event using Facebook and Twitter to find posts from the people who are living through the event!  Students doing any kind of research can use the search feature to find topical information.  The information and pictures can be emailed, or printed out.  This app is really amazing!  I highly recommend it for personal and school use.  Here are some links to get more information!

A YouTube demonstration of the app:

How one teacher uses it:

More information: 

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