Monday, April 25, 2011

Dabbling with Dabbleboard!

Dabbleboard is a web 2.0 collaborative tool that allows you to draw, create mind maps, brainstorm, demonstrate concepts and so much more.  This is a fantastic tool to use with your interactive whiteboard!  It is so incredibly fun and easy to use that anyone can do it!  This is a wonderful teaching and learning tool.  I can envision teachers using it to illustrate concepts they are teaching and students using it to create mind maps, concept maps, organizational charts, mock ups, flow charts, diagrams, building plans, illustrations, and do demonstrations.  This tool is different because it allows you to work collaboratively, and draw both naturally and spontaneously as well as open a back channel on the site at the same time for even better collaboration!
According to the Dabbleboard site, here are the top ten reasons to use Dabbleboard.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should use Dabbleboard:
  1. Dabbleboard is easy and fun to use. Unlike other whiteboard applications, Dabbleboard feels as natural to use as a marker on a whiteboard, or a pencil on a sheet of paper.
  2. Dabbleboard is fast. Since you don't need to spend time constantly changing tools in the toolbar, you can draw much faster.
  3. Dabbleboard is flexible. Everything you draw can be moved, resized, deleted, and replicated.
  4. Dabbleboard produces pretty drawings. Okay, we admit you don't need your whiteboard drawings to look like works of art.
  5. Dabbleboard lets you easily reuse previously-made drawings. With drag-and-drop simplicity, you can add drawings to your personal library, and copy something from the library to your current drawing.
  6. Dabbleboard allows sharing and real-time collaboration with anyone anywhere in the world.
  7. Dabbleboard works with hardware you already have, including your favorite computer.
  8. Dabbleboard works with other software you already use.
  9. Dabbleboard is secure. Unless you make your drawing public, each drawing can only be viewed by those you've shared it with, and by no one else.
  10. Dabbleboard is free! We want to help the world think and communicate visually, and we won't let a little money get in our way. We also offer Pro accounts at reasonable prices.
Take a look at this video that demonstrates how easy Dabbleboard is to use.

Then, check out this link to learn more about Dabbleboard and sign-up if you would like to start using this cool tool: