Monday, January 10, 2011

My Study Bar is Just What the Teacher Ordered!

I am amazed by this tool.  It was designed originally for use with students with Dyslexia by a team at RSC Scotland North & Easthowever.  However, it has great applications for any student.  I can't say enough about the power of this tool.  This tool, once installed, stays on top of whatever you are doing on your computer so that it is easy to access whenever it is needed.  You can save it to your desktop or install it on a USB drive so that you will have all of your information from whatever computer you use.  Using the USB option is a great choice for students who don't use the same computer all the time. My study bar learns from you as you use it so it becomes personalized to your needs.

It has mind mapping options, calendars, sticky notes, reading assistance such as text to speech reading, a talking dictionary,  the ability to change font and background colors to make reading easier, vu Bars for assisting tracking issues, word prediction, spell checking, built in keyboarding lessons, text magnifier, a cursor locater and so much more.  This is the perfect tool to assist students with studying, reading and/or writing difficulties however severe or mild and it is free!  There are easy access video tutorials for every application.  

This is a MUST check out tool for Special Educators and an absolutely perfect tool for Universal Design for Learning methodology.

You can download this tool here at the top of the page:

The update patch here for Windows XP or 7:

Find tutorials here further down the page:

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