Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dippen' Into Dipity the Multimedia Timeline Maker

Dipity is a kind of search engine that reaches out and finds information on the web about any given topic.  You can create your own timeline or view someone else's.  You can add your own events and create a timeline from scratch too!  This tool can also be used to keep track of what you have been doing on the web or you can make events as a way to keep track of a project.

It is also a perfect way for a students to demonstrate their understanding of a historical or current event by creating a timeline of what led up to a particular point in history.  Students can search for topics that they are gathering information about from websites with RSS feeds, add information to the timeline manually that they find out from other resources like books or websites without RSS feeds, and get realtime information from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and several others.  What a great tool to use when you are differentiating an assessment.  This is a tool that you really need to play with to understand the power and implications for the classroom.

Take a look and sign up for a free account at:  www.dipity.com and check out the tutorial video below that will show you how to create your own timeline!