Friday, June 4, 2010

History Pin - Collecting our World's History One Picture at a Time

History Pin is a brand new site in beta version whose aim is to collect our world's history by collecting old pictures from people around the world.  They are working in cooperation with Google Maps.  People can upload their old pictures, "pin" them to the location that they were taken on the Google Map and put in an explanation of the picture.  The implications for education are huge!  Students can find pictures for areas on the map that they are studying and actually view then and now pictures!  There may be little stories attached to the pictures as well so students will need to remember to verify for accuracy any information that may have major historical implications.  Students can also help with the project by uploading old photos, with permission from parents of course.

This is an exciting project because old photographs deteriorate and this is a way to preserve them, share personal  and cultural history, learn about other countries and their cultural perspectives from people who are sharing their stories of where they came from and who they are.  This could potentially be a wonderful way to bring the people of the world closer by seeing images that demonstrate how alike we really are as well as celebrate and understand our differences.

Check it out at: and sign up for a free account.  Let's all help build the history of our world one picture at a time!

For more information, you can check out this video: 

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