Thursday, March 11, 2010

Head Magnet - Your Brain in the Cloud

When you log in, Head Magnet greets you warmly and offers you all the information that you have stored in it plus its own suggestions for your personal improvement activities.  It considers itself your brain in the cloud because it compartmentalizes information like names, faces, vocabulary, quotations, and anything else you need to remember!  It can also create flash cards to help you study.   It offers you new information to expand your vocabulary, learn about other countries, as well as offer you games to improve your: spatial reasoning, memory, attention, focus, speed, language, visual perception, problem solving skills, fluid intelligence, reaction time, general health and stress levels. Best of all, it's free!

This site seems like quite a find in this information based world of ours where we are constantly trying to remember everything.  In terms of using it as an educational tool, my initial reaction was that it could serve as a great assistive technology, but then really it is designed to help everyone.  I believe that both teachers and students alike (and lets not forget about our administrators) can really benefit from this tool which fits so nicely into UDL (universal design for learning) teaching practices.  I encourage you to check it out for yourselves and enhance your brain!

Here is a link where you can explore some of the activities available:
This is one of the memory games that it links you to:

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