Thursday, January 14, 2010

SchoolTube - A Safe Showcase for Students

School Tube is a free alternative to YouTube for schools.  Every school can set up their own channel where student and teacher created videos can be showcased!  Each teacher has their own channel.  What a great way to share projects with your school, family and the community at large!  One of the great things about SchoolTube is that it is moderated.  This means that each school has at least one person who is the moderator of their school channels.  This person will have the opportunity to review all videos before they are uploaded.  This keeps mischievous folks from uploading improper videos.  Because of this, schools and teachers can feel safe when students are searching for a video on SchoolTube.

Not only can teachers and students showcase original video projects for class, but you could also upload videos for school news, sporting events, drama and music events!  I am sure that all the creative educators and students out there can think of many things to use SchoolTube for so please leave a comment and share your ideas!

Remember that it is necessary to get permission from those involved and/or their parents before uploading a video.  No one wants to be on the Internet without their knowledge or permission!

Check it out and see what you think!  SchoolTube

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