Friday, December 18, 2009

Prezi - A New Kind of Presentaton Web 2.0 Tool

All I can say is Wow!!  This tool is amazing!  It is like having a gigantic white board to write on in any direction to make your presentation.  You can put text, pictures, videos and sound into your presentation.  You can zoom in and out on specific pictures or words to help you emphasize points.  Seeing is believing so watch the video because this is like nothing you have ever seen! On the site, here is an introductory video that explains Prezi very well.  Take a minute and watch it.

OK.  What did you think?  Pretty amazing right?  Can you imagine the creativity that your students can put into these types of presentations?  There are several tutorials to help you along the way.  Imagine presenting a new concept to your students in this way?  It will be a great attention grabber!

Here are some examples of Prezi presentations to give an even better idea of what you can be doing to liven up presentations forever!
Definitely check this one out!

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