Friday, July 31, 2009


This is a word cloud of this blog created with Wordle! Words are very powerful and Wordle provides a means of changing the words from a book, article, poem, short story or any kind of writing into a powerful, creative visual representation. In an instant, anyone can see what the piece of writing is about by the size of the words. The bigger the word, the more that particular word shows up in the piece of writing. Imagine being able to create a Wordle visual representation of a reading that your students are doing as a way of previewing or reflecting especially for those who are visual learners.
How does it work, you ask? You simply go to and click on the link to create a word cloud. You can key or paste in the text. You can also give the link to a blog, etc. and Wordle will go and get the text. It is so easy! Try it; you'll like it!!

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