Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Internet Research - Double Edged Sword

Allison Morris of OnlineEducation.net created a graphic that looks at the pros and cons of Internet research.  She wants to share it with a wide audience and would love to have your thoughts as educators.  She makes some great points about some of the pitfalls of online research.   As educators, we need to make sure we address these skills with our students to make sure that they understand how to properly and efficiently do research online.  A good resource for getting lessons and materials to students is from www.commonsensemedia.org.

Check out her graphic here and give us some of your thoughts on the pros and cons of Internet research and share with us how you address these issues with your students!

Digital Research Infographic


  1. Agree with you . Its a great post to inform how to use Internet Research
    Really appreciated!

  2. Can you share complete techniques for Google search? I mean many peoples are doing Internet Research with specific techniques and using some codes to find out the exact thing using google. Can you share that with us ?

  3. Here are some links to information to help you search Google easier and more efficiently!





    I hope these help!!