Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jing Screencasting Software - Free!!

What is Jing you ask?  Jing is free software that you can download from the web that will let you record everything that you do on your computer screen or take snapshots.  You can record your voice at the same time using a microphone.  It then changes this recording into a movie file that you can upload to the web (YouTube, SchoolTube, etc.), play from your computer or website. 

This is very useful in education for many reasons.  You can create "How To" movies complete with narration to help students understand a technological  procedure, use a web 2.0 application, do a math problem, do research, cite sources, and the list goes on and on.  Just recently, I watched a Jing produced by one of my college students in my Digital Storytelling course.  This high school algebra teacher used PowerPoint and narration to explain how to do algebra problems that his high school students will be working on in class.  Then he used Jing to record his PowerPoint to create a movie.  It is simply an outstanding way of reaching students at home!  Let's face it, how many of us as youngsters got home, tried to do our algebra homework and just couldn't remember all the steps?  Now his students can go to his website and watch the video on all the steps of the problem and their problem is solved!!  Great job Glenn!!

There is a paid version of this program for $14.95 per year that lets you do direct uploads to your YouTube channel, or Flickr, etc.  I highly recommend you checking this out.  It is another tool that is simply outstanding.  Thanks to all the programmers who put this stuff out so that educators like myself can create richer learning environments for our students!!  Bravo!

Here is where you can download Jing! 
Check out Glenn's Jing!
Check out Glenn's School Site!


  1. Camtasia Studio from the same company is also a good screen capture tool.

    Besides, I found a new comer in this area - Demo Screen Recorder. A simple tool to record software tutorials and instructional video for beginners.

  2. I have heard good things about Camtasia and it is free as well. However, Screen Recorder you need to pay for. Thank you for your comments and information!