Monday, September 8, 2008

Edu 2.0 - Really Rocks

I made a discovery about 2 months ago - Edu 2.0. The site was created by Graham Glass a former classroom teacher turned tekkie. It is absolutely awesome! I have been using it for my classes this year and the students really seem to love it. What is it you ask? It is sort of like Moodle, except easier to use, and is a web 2.0 software as it resides on the world wide web and not on your school server. It is highly interactive. For those schools where server space is an issue; it is just the ticket!

Personally, I love how it can hold all my lesson plans, all the student's needed documents and worksheets, and student's submit their assignments on-line. I am saving lots of trees this year! It has built-in wikis, blogs, thousands of resources, groups, programmable gradebook, and so much more! You can link to/upload any resources, hyperlinks, urls, PowerPoints and videos you need. You could use it in conjunction with a class that meets everyday or you could create an on-line course with Edu 2.0. Graham was really thinking about student and teacher needs when he created this beauty! I highly recommend it!

Another thing that I really love is the fact that if there is a bug detected, it is fixed right away. No moss grows on these rolling stones! Really, you have got to check this out because besides the fact that it is simply excellent; it is also free! Here are a few urls that tell you more about it and a link to the site itself! Enjoy!

Edu 2.o
Podcast Interview with Graham Glass
Graham's Blog
YouTube Explanation of Edu 2.0